Research Interests

Environmental Economics and Policy, Political Economy, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, and Resource and Conflict Economics.

Research Projects

Planet Health: From human to planetary health: Global land-use impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Refereed articles

Cisneros, E., K. Kis-Katos, and N. Nuryartono (2021): Palm oil and the politics of deforestation in Indonesia, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 108: 102,453, Earlier version at SSRN:

Correa, J., E. Cisneros, J. Börner, A. Pfaff, M. Costa, and R. Rajão (2020): Evaluating REDD+ at subnational level: Amazon Fund impacts in Alta Floresta, Brazil, Forest Policy and Economics, 116, 102178,

Giudice, R., Börner B., and Wunder S., E. Cisneros (2019): Selection biases and spillovers from collective conservation incentives in the Peruvian Amazon, Environmental Research Letters, 14(4), 045,004,

Rodríguez L. O., E. Cisneros, T. Pequeño, M. T. Fuentes, and Y. Zinngrebe (2018): Building Adaptive Capacity in Changing Social-Ecological Systems: Integrating Knowledge in Communal Land-Use Planning in the Peruvian Amazon, Sustainability, 10(2), 511,

Cisneros, E., S. L. Zhou, and J. Börner (2015): Naming and Shaming for Conservation: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon, PLoS ONE, 10(9): 1-24,

Working papers

Cisneros, E., J. Börner, S. Pagiola, and S. Wunder (2019): Impacts of Conservation Incentives in Protected Areas: The case of Bolsa Floresta, Brazil, PES Learning Paper, 1, World Bank, Washington DC, (under review in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management).

Work in progress

Cisneros, E., T. West, B. Soares-Filho, and J. Börner: Brazil’s conservation policy cocktail gone stale.

Cisneros E., and K. Kis-Katos: Environmental effects of anti-corruption strategies.

Seesing J., and E. Cisneros: The political rebound effect of law enforcement: The effect of environmental fines on voting behaviour in Brazil.

Weber R., and E. Cisneros: Assessing Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for Food Security Risks.

Cisneros, E.: Protected area leakage, environmental enforcement, and land claims.

J. Seufert, A. Python, C. Weisser, T. Kneib, E. Cisneros, and K. Kis-Katos. Modelling ex-ante spatial risks of COVID-19 infection: In-sights from network analysis combined with Bayesian geo-statistical model.

Cisneros E., A. Cinque, R. Genthner, K. Kis-Katos, L. Reiners, and F. Wang: Environmental degradation and human health.


The Impact of Public Policies on Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, 2017, Dissertation at Center for Development Research, University of Bonn.